Tips & Tricks

What kind of needle do you use?

We don’t use one exclusive brand. However, for most embroidery we use a 75/11 embroidery needle. When stitching wording we use a Topstitch needle in an 80/12 or 90/14. When stitching puffy foam or zippers or a heavier fabric, we use a Sharps 80/12 or 90/14. The Topstitch needle has a bigger eye and is better when using a thicker thread. If thread is fraying or breaking, change the needle. The needle may be slightly bent, causing the thread to fray or break.

Stitching with Puffy Foam:

Use an 80/12 sharps needle.

• Slow machine down by 30-50%
• Tape the puffy foam in place to help prevent shifting
• Presser foot must be at a height that glides over the foam
(Photos indicate correct foot height)

Note: Presser foot on some machine models may not move until stitching begins.


Why do my .svg files open incorrectly in Cricut Design Space?

Cricut does not open .svg files in their native size. We’ve contacted Cricut customer support and received an unsatisfactory answer. To address the problem, Kimberbell will provide a document with the sizes of each .svg shape. These are being created on an on demand basis. Please check the product update section for your specific product. If you find it’s unavailable, please our contact customer care team.


Do I need a special presser foot to sew with vinyl?

You do not need a special presser foot if you stitch with paper on top of the vinyl. The paper will help the presser foot glide smoothly over the top of your project without sticking to the vinyl. Check out our Tuesday tips video to see this trick in action!

How do I wash projects made with vinyl?

The best option is to hand wash or spot clean then lay flat to dry. An alternative option is to wash in the washing machine, however, it cannot go in the dryer. It must lay flat to dry.

What kind of needle do I need to use when sewing with vinyl?

We recommend a sharps, top stitch, or Teflon needle. The smaller the better as it pokes smaller holes in vinyl. 75/11 would be great.

What gauge of vinyl do you use?

We use a 12 gauge vinyl.

Product Questions

How many rulers come inside a package of Orange Pop Rulers? What are the ruler sizes?

Square: Three rulers and one bonus ruler included. The three regular rulers measure 4 ½”, 6 ½”, and 8 ½.” The bonus ruler is a half square triangle in two different sizes: 2 ½’ & 4 ½.”
Rectangle: Three rulers and three bonus rulers included. The three regular rulers measure 4 ½”x 6 ½”, 6 ½”x 8 ½”, 8 ½” x 10 ½”. The bonus rulers include: a Flying Geese Ruler in two sizes, a Tumbler Block template and a standard 3 ½” ruler.

When will the exclusive event files be available for purchase?

To maintain the exclusivity of the event for shops, these specific designs are not available for individual purchase. The event must be attended to receive the designs. To find an event to attend near you, please click here. If there is not an event near you, we invite you to refer a shop to carry our product or receive certification to host Kimberbell Certified Events. New shops are receiving certification several times every year and scheduling new events every day. We hope you can find an event to attend soon.

What do you use to cut Chenille?

Clover Slash Cutter
Olfa Chenille Cutter
Straight Scissors

What sizes are the notebooks for Notables?

Mini Composition Notebook: 3 ¼ X 4 ½ “
Compact Composition Notebook: 5 X 7″
Composition Book: 9 ¾ X 7 1/2”

What are the finished sizes of the Sew It by Number Blocks?

Small: 3 1/2 X 3 1/2″
Medium: 5 1/2 x 5 1/2″
Large: 7×7″

What are the finished sizes of the Quilted Baskets?


  • Xsmall: 2 x 2 x 1
  • Small: 3 x 3 x 1¼
  • Medium: 3½ x 3½ x 1
  • Large: 5½ x 5½ x 1½
  • XLarge: 6½ x 6½ x 2


  • XSmall: 2½ x 1½ x ¾
  • Small: 2¼ x 4 x 1
  • Medium: 3 x 5 x 1¼
  • Large: 4 x 6½ x 1¾
  • XLarge: 5 x 7½ x 2


  • XSmall: 2¾ x 2¾ x 1
  • Small: 3 x 3 x 1¼
  • Medium: 3½ x 3½ x 1½
  • Large: 4½ x 4½ x 1¾  
  • XLarge: 5 x 5 x 2

Where can I get the Bench Pillow form?

There are instructions to create a pillow form in each pattern. If you would like to order a form for the bench pillow, the “Fairfield Crafters Choice Pillow 16in x 38in 4ct CP1638” is the pillow that you will want to look for. This pillow was designed specifically for these patterns. You may have to look online to find a place to purchase them or contact Fairfield directly to find a retailer near you.

I'm a Kimberbell certified shop. Can I order additional Double Scroll Clip Hangers used in the Pumpkin Spice event to be sold in my shop outside of the event?

Absolutely! We do not sell these hangers separately outside of the Pumpkin Spice event kits. However, if you’d like to purchase more to sell separately in your shop, please contact Ackfeld Manufacturing at 1-888-272-3135 or [email protected] For more information on how to order, please click HERE.