Discontinued Products

The following products have been discontinued:


November 2018

KD620 Machine Embroider by Number: Snowman

KD621 Machine Embroider by Number: Heart

KD622 Machine Embroider by Number: Kite


October 2018

KD106 Happy Birthday to You! Table Topper

KD107 The Flag and Freedom Pillow Set

KD110 Americana Kitchen Table Runner & Tea Towel Set

KD131 One Sweet Spring Wall Hanging

KD131G One Sweet Spring Wall Hanging Shop Guide

KD133 Sweet Land of Liberty Wall Hanging

KD133G Sweet Land of Liberty Wall Hanging Shop Guide

KD154 One Splendid Summer Wall Hanging

KD154G One Splendid Summer Wall Hanging Shop Guide

KD187 Life is Better in Full Bloom Wall Hanging

KD187G Life is Better in Full Bloom Wall Hanging Shop Guide

KD628 ME Time: Apple

KD632: Machine Embroidery by Number: Harvest Pumpkin

KD607:  Christmas Advent Light Banner


August 2018

KD628 ME Time: Apple CD

KD631 ME Time: Witch Hat CD


July 2018

KD505 A Kimberbell Spring

KD506 A Kimberbell 4th of July, Volume 1 Embroidery CD

KD601 Sweet Feet: Whimsical Witch

KD602 Sweet Feet: Santa’s Elf

KD638 Sweet Feet: Cowboy Santa


KD102 Give and Believe Set

KD103 Sweet Summer Cherries

KD105 4th of July Topper and Pillow

KD111 The Pumpkin Patch Throw Quilt and Pillow Set

KD113 Christmas Tree Lane Pillow and Throw

KD114 “Not-so-Spooky” Table Runner and Tea towel set

KD119 No Tricks – Only Treats Pillow

KD120 Too Fa-BOO-lous Pillow

KD122 Fa-la-la-la Fabulous Pillow

KD123 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year pillow set

KD125 Tis the Season to be Giving Wall Hanging


KD126 Mini Kimmy 10” Doll sewing CD

KD127 Kimberbell Doll Clothing and Accessories CD

KD128 Kimberbell 28” Doll & Clothing CD

KD129 Let Me Call You Tweetheart Wall Hanging


KD130 Let It Snow Wall Hanging


KD132 The Martha Quilt

KD141 The Karlee Quilt Set

KD142 The Jacki Quilt

KD143 Picture Perfect Pillows for Halloween

KD144 Baking Memories – Table Runner and Tea Towel Set

KD146 Count Your Blessings Table Runner and Tea Towel Set

KD148 The Sharon Quilt

KD149 Be Mine Table Runner and Tea Towel Set

KD150 Lucky Us Wall Hanging


KD151 Butterfly Garden Table Runner and Tea Towel Set

KD152 Watermelon Table Topper

KD153 Stars and Stripes Table Topper

KD155 Witch Hat Halloween Table Topper

KD156 Jack-O-Lantern Lane Quilt and Pillow Set

KD159 Whoo is Ready for School? Wall Hanging


KD160 Christmas Wreath Table Topper

KD161 Winter Snowman Table Topper

KD163 Fall Pumpkin Table Topper

KD165 Just a Little Something vol. 1

KD168 Singing in the Rain Table Topper

KD176 A Kimberbell Christmas Row Along Table Topper



KD501 A Kimberbell Christmas Vol. 1 Embroidery CD

KD502 A Kimberbell Halloween Vol. 1 Embroidery CD

KD503 A Kimberbell Winter Vol.1 Embroidery CD

KD504 A Kimberbell Valentine Vol. 1 Embroidery CD

KD603 Felt Cozies – Spring CD

KD604 Felt Cozies – Summer CD

KD605 Felt Cozies – Winter CD

KD606 Felt Cozies – Fall CD

KD611 Felt Cozies – Sweet Sentiments

KD619 ME Time Spool

KD625 ME Time Watermelon

KD626 ME Time Flag

KD627ME Time Sailboat

KD632 ME Time Pumpkin

KD633 ME Time Pinwheel