How to Square Up Quilt Blocks the EASY and ACCURATE Way

We've all had steam coming out of our ears, spending an eternity trying to center quilt blocks using traditional measuring methods, while attempting to solve seemingly complex math equations. We finally measure everything out, make the cuts, just to find out our block isn't centered correctly! We are beside ourselves, filled with quilting anger, or as we like to call it, "quanger." Maybe we forgot to account for seam allowances or used thick appliqué that made it hard to fold and find the center. Whatever the case may be, say goodbye to math, measuring, and redoing those beautiful blocks you spent your whole day trying to perfect. Kimberbell Orange Pop Rulers help you VISUALLY CENTER your designs before making that [...]

Kimberbell Takes on Spring Quilt Market 2017!

Attending Quilt Market each Spring and Fall is one of the highlights for us here at Kimberbell!  It’s amazing to see the progress we have made over the years…from starting out with a small 10×10 grid-wall booth….to now… a 10×20 booth that feels like you have stepped inside your favorite quilt shop.  Welcome! Come on […]

A Peek Into the April Kimberbell Academy

This past April we hosted our 4th Kimberbell Academy here in beautiful Logan Utah! If you have never heard about the Kimberbell Academy, then let us tell you all about it!   The Kimberbell Academy was launched last Fall as a way for shop owners and machine dealers across the country to be able to […]

A Kimberbell Event: Oh, Happy Day!

Have you been to a Kimberbell machine embroidery event in your area yet?  At Kimberbell, we are making our way through local quilt shops across the USA with darling themed events taught by instructors from your favorite local quilt shops. Six completed projects, 2 fun days and memories to last a lifetime! The best part? […]

Welcome to Kimberbell Designs

We are so happy to have you join us! Launching our beautiful new website has been in the works for many months. We are thrilled to be able to bring you into our world with even more inspiration and interactivity. But first things first….we hope you will subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of […]