Bench Buddies Series {May, June, July, and August}

We at Kimberbell are thrilled to introduce our new Bench Buddies series! And trust us—these are the petite pillows every “buddy” will love. Bench Buddies beautifully match our bench pillow patterns as perfect accessories! Simply make a new pillow cover, then switch out the pillow form for the new holiday and season. The two complementary designs for each month fit our 8” square or 9 ½” x 5 ½” rectangle pillow forms, with all embroidery stitched within a 5” x 7” hoop. From birdhouses and baskets to flowers and frogs, our Bench Buddies for May, June, July, and August capture the wonder of the year’s warmest months!

Our May designs are a celebration of flowers! Brightly stitched blooms, in a myriad of colors, pop cheerfully from three hanging baskets—perfectly framed by the pillow’s flanged border. There’s no better way to welcome May than by hanging with these buds! Our rectangle pillow is a delightfully little thing, with a happy, stitched frog sitting on an adorable applique mushroom. (He’s a fun little guy!) And speaking of fungi…our mushroom patch grows in a field of rickrack for a pleasing pop of texture.

When you’re looking for a little summertime refreshment, our June pineapple is the perfect pick! Layers of raw-edge, fabric triangles (stacked and sewn right in the hoop!) give our pineapple the tantalizing texture you crave—while a green applique crown tops the fruit with a touch of cute. The rectangle pillow is a feast for the eyes, with applique strawberries, cherries, and melon artfully displayed on a patchwork background. With our June Bench Buddies, summer has never been sweeter!

It’s the season of sunshine, and our July Bench Buddies are hot, hot, hot! Dimensional felt flowers and a pretty pinwheel are whimsically gathered in a clear canning jar for an impromptu summertime centerpiece. Flanked by crisp stripes of red and white, our square pillow is a grand celebration of fresh design and down-home happiness! Our July rectangle pillow is a bicycle parade, with dimensional mylar star balloons and felt flowers adding cheerful texture. A snapshot of everything good, this pillow is an iconic tribute to a small-town summer.

Birdhouses are a summertime symbol of exhilarating freedom and the sweet roots of home. Our August square pillow features a charming birdhouse, stitched entirely in the hoop for a homey, paper-pieced look. When it’s time to feather your nest, this pillow is one adorable accent! The coordinating rectangle pillow features a busy bee and applique bird enjoying a lazy August day. The applique birdhouse is cuter than a button—the perfect embellishment for this home-tweet-home!

And really, isn’t making your house a home what it’s all about? Our Bench Buddies aren’t just fun sewing projects or lovely décor—though they certainly are both! But, more importantly, they’re a tangible reminder of the relationships we hold dear. Your friends—your “buddies”—at Kimberbell understand just that.

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