Autoship Program for Shops

Our Autoship program is the easiest and most efficient way to receive new product from Kimberbell. Simply sign up, and we’ll automatically send you the newest Kimberbell products as soon as they’re released! There are no fees to join and no minimum time commitment required. Just set it and forget it with Autoship!

Is there a fee to join? There are absolutely no fees to join Autoship. Give the program a try and cancel any time you wish (please call or email to cancel).

What is the minimum quantity required for an autoship order? Can I order as much product as I want? To keep things simple, there are two quantities to choose from: ​6​ units or ​12​ units. However, any time you want to adjust these numbers, we are happy to help you (please call or email our Customer Care Team to make any changes).

Can I order different quantities based on different product types? Your chosen quantity of ​6​ or 12​ units will apply to all new products released on Autoship, regardless of product type or price. However, please contact our Customer Care Team or reply to the Autoship email with specific questions and we’ll be happy to help you!

I only want sewing products. Do I have to order machine embroidery products too? No. When you fill out the registration form, you will be asked if you prefer machine embroidery, sewing, or both. If you’d like to change this, please call our Customer Care Team at (435) 915-6741 or email [email protected]

Can I add other products to my autoship order? Yes. If you’d like to change your order in any way, please contact our Customer Care Team at (435) 915-6741 or email [email protected]

How does payment work? Autoship orders will be charged to your credit card ​24 hours​ after the email announcement is sent. If we don’t already have your payment information on file, our Customer Care Team will contact you.

How soon after a product is released will I receive my order? Autoship orders will be processed and shipped immediately upon new product arriving at our warehouse. Please allow several days for the order to arrive at your shop.

Are there any shipping charges? Shipping is ​free​ for all orders within the United States. (Shipping costs for other countries will vary.)

Can I opt out of Autoship for a single order ? Yes. Please contact our Customer Care Team at (435) 915-6741 or email [email protected] to opt out and they will be happy to help you.