Kimbebell® Designs Angel Policy


Kimberbell Designs grants permission for limited production with purchase of the Kimberbell product. Articles created for the purpose of resale must be made by the purchaser of the Kimberbell product and should befit the Kimberbell standard of quality and good taste. Completed articles may be sold at retail boutiques and craft fairs, or over the internet. Kimberbell Designs limits the number of items made for resale to 200 from a single design or pattern. Mass production or use of paid workers to make any Kimberbell design for resale is prohibited.

The Kimberbell logo may not be used in a manner which might lead consumers to believe the item was made directly by Kimberbell. Persons participating in this angel policy assume all liability for their work and agree to full responsibility if disputes arise from their work.
Kimberbell Designs may amend its policies governing the use of our copyrighted designs and instructions at any time. Any amendment to the angel policy becomes effective upon publication and will be posted on the official Kimberbell website.

All Kimberbell designs, images, pattern instructions, and software including electronic files, are copyrighted by Kimberbell Designs and are therefore protected by copyright law. Altering, selling, trading, or transferring copies of our designs is a violation of copyright law.