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Welcome to Broomhilda’s Bakery Contests!
18 Sep 2018
Welcome to Broomhilda's Bakery, where every ghoul-friend is welcome! We are not waiting for Halloween to celebrate ...
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Put Your Best Foot Forward with Kimberbell Sweet Feet
08 Aug 2018
What’s more fun than shopping for a fabulous pair of shoes? How about turning your embroidery ...
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Shimmer and shine with this Kimberbell Design
20 Jun 2018
Glitter is Kimberbell’s new best friend! Imagine all the projects you could make sparkle and shine. ...
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How to Square Up Quilt Blocks the EASY and ACCURATE Way
20 Apr 2018
We've all had steam coming out of our ears, spending an eternity trying to center quilt blocks using traditional ...
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